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Using A Distiller Essential Oil

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Using A Distiller Essential Oil

A distiller essential oil is an oil that has been distilled. This means that it has gone through a process which has stripped away all of the original materials and the essential oil is left behind. You will find that distiller oils are used in a variety of different situations, but they are most commonly found in aromatherapy.

There are many different uses to which distiller essential oils can be put. Distilling is the process of pressing the materials and then passing them through a distiller where they are heated and then passed into another container. The distiller does not change the materials at all and instead just passes the heated items through the process multiple times. The materials are usually made up of materials such as natural gas, electricity, alcohol or other gasses. It is also possible to use the distiller for making soap with the steam and water still remaining after distillation.

You can also distiller essential oils to create your own essential oils and potpourri. You will be happy to know that the distiller is a simple process to follow. Just add the distiller oils, glass jars or pails, distiller equipment and a little bit of water. Let the distiller sit overnight and you are good to go!

If you want to distiller essential oil then you need to ensure that you have all the necessary equipment. You will need a glass jar with a tight fitting lid so that the oil will not leak out and then a funnel to pour the distiller essential oil into the jar. Make sure that the jar is not too tight as this may cause the distiller to clog. Next, you will need a funnel as well as a metal bowl and metal measuring cups and spoons.

You do not have to purchase the very expensive distiller essential oil but you can buy them in bulk to save money. The better quality distillers may cost around twenty dollars. However, if you are not sure then it is advisable to go for the less expensive ones. Do not worry too much about the distiller cost because after distilling the oil, the price of the product comes down. In fact, some distiller essential oils cost less than $5 per bottle.

The final steps of using the distiller essential oil are simple. Fill the glass jar with the distiller water and put the distilled water inside. Turn on the distiller and allow the mixture to heat up for several minutes. The mixture will turn dark and you will notice that there is steam coming out of the distiller. Finally, remove the glass jar from the distiller and store it in its place.



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