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Types of Fermenting Equipment

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Types of Fermenting Equipment

There are many types of fermenting equipment available. You can use glass carboys as the primary fermenter, or you can use a plastic or aluminum tank. For a primary fermentation, you should get a glass carboy and attach a one-inch blow-off tube. The blow-off tube will force the yeast on the surface of the wort to escape and fall into the water. This will make your beer more flavorful and you'll have a product that is easier to drink.

You can also use a variety of other fermentation equipment. Ceramic crocks are the best choice for large-scale fermentations. They come in various shapes and sizes, and are made of thick-walled ceramic, which will make them last for years. Aside from being durable, ceramic crocks are also very attractive. They are especially popular in Asia, where they're handcrafted by ceramic artisans. You can also buy stainless steel fermenters if you don't want to spend a lot of money.

A stainless steel fermenter is a very affordable option for smaller fermentations. It's easy to clean, does not harbor bacteria, and is virtually indestructible. In addition, stainless steel fermenters come with pressed volume markings to help you determine how much of each batch you need to make. The optimum size for smaller batches is a 14-gallon fermenter. If you need to ferment larger batches, you can use a food-grade IBC, which is basically a large HDPE storage container. A larger IBC can handle up to three hundred and fifty gallons of liquid.

A ceramic crock is the best choice for large-scale fermentations. Its thickness allows for easy cleaning and can last for years. Its durability makes it the perfect option for long-term fermenting. A crock with a crock lid can also be used to store it during fermentation. It's worth noting that these ceramic jars are machine-washable, which means that you can keep them in a dark cabinet.

You can purchase a fermenter with an airlock to prevent oxygen from getting into the liquid. It has a large lid and can be used to ferment any type of liquid. These are designed for fermentation and have a smooth bottom for easy addition of oak and hops. They are also sanitizing-friendly, and will prevent the brewing liquid from leaking. And, unlike some fermenting equipment, a Ported Fermonster is not difficult to transport.

A good quality salt is an essential ingredient for a good beer. It should be sea or fine granulated. Avoid colored sea salt with added fillers. An easy-to-use digital scale is also important. A stainless steel scale with different measurement units is useful for fermenting, and it will not stain your beer. These are two of the most essential pieces of fermenting equipment, and should be purchased before you begin.



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