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Tips on Making Moonshine

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There are many ways of distilling your own moonshine, but you don't want to go the route of a single style of distilling and rely on it exclusively. There are many different types of old-time methods, and this article will discuss some of the most common ones. Take a look at these tips before you begin your distilling adventure.

One of the oldest ways of distilling is still using the old-time method of using moonshine. For years people have used a still and poured in just the right amount of alcohol. This is the kind of still that was traditionally made out of an old copper pot. The still was not able to heat as efficiently as modern equipment, but it could still produce a very good liquor if you were lucky. The pot was placed on top of a metal coil that would keep the distillation temperature from going too high or too low.

The process has been refined by some folks and now there is a more modern distillation system that is much easier to use. With the modern system the contents of the still are mixed with a sanitized grain mash that is then boiled for several hours. The resulting liquid is then filtered and kept in a still house. The vodka is then distilled to produce a better-tasting, better-smelling liquor.

With the modern technology of the still it's easier to control the heat and water content of the still. They also can control the solids content in the contents of the still. For example, they can adjust the solids by adding another layer of either aluminum or copper, which not only prevents the contents from floating to the top, but also helps to keep the contents moving. It's all about getting the alcohol concentration and evenness of the liquid exactly right.

The stills need to be cleaned very carefully. It is very important to rinse them thoroughly because they may contain some very poisonous or carcinogenic chemicals that can be absorbed through the skin. After rinsing the contents and oils off of the stills, it's a good idea to put them in a container and seal it up tight so no air can get in and contaminate the liquid.

There are other simple methods of distilling that do not use any kind of still at all. You can make moonshine, or you can just make it as a sort of slushy moonshine that you can mix with cream soda or apple juice. You can make it as strong or as weak as you would like.

The different kinds of stills used for moonshine include a very old still, a closed still, and a combination still. All three of these have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Making homemade moonshine is one way to create your own. There are many websites online that can help you make the homemade liquor and instructions are very easily found. Distilling your own alcohol is a very good and fun hobby, and if you have a little imagination and a little knowledge you can come up with something that is really unique and will give you lots of enjoyment.


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