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The Many Different Distillers of Distilled Alcohol

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The Many Different Distillers of Distilled Alcohol

The word "distillery" brings to mind thoughts of alcohol, or at least the distillation process. But not all distilleries are created equal. Some distilleries use the old fashion double-bottomed (or double distilled) style of glass still, and others use modern high-pressure stills called double-sided. While age-old methods may be traditional, today's distilleries have come a long way.

The first distillery was built by accident. A Scotish farmer named James Balsamic happened to be walking his cattle one day and decided to draw water from his own pond. When he brought it back to his home, distillation was done. It is estimated that this first distillery did not produce more than a gallon of alcohol a day. The distilling method, while not very efficient, has been used ever since.

Today's distilleries can create an entire cocktail, complete with mixtures of grains, fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. Some distilleries are known for their single-vodka distillations. The tradition of making moonshine to add flavor to whiskey dates back to the days of the American Revolution. Distillers were also responsible for the first truly American drink, corn whiskey, which was actually made from fermented corn mash and not distilled water. Although there are many different types of distilleries all over the world today, the most famous ones are London's Southside distillery, Scotland's Fort William distillery, and the New York distillery.

London's Southside distillery is often regarded as the world's first true distillery. Here, the oldest traditional method of distilling continues to this day. Here, the visitors to this distillery are treated to tasting rooms where they can sample many kinds of whiskey, both traditional and modern. The tasting room is open to the public and many special events occur each year, such as the Jack-O-Lantern tasting night.

Another famous distillery in England is the London Dry Gin Distillery. This distillery was created in 1820 by Thomas Gainsborough, who was the master distiller at the time. It is known for its quality rye whiskey and the gin. No alcoholic drink can be called gin enough, as this drink combines the finest gin ingredients with vodka to create a complex and flavorful cocktail.

Other popular distilleries in England includeiddles distillery in the north of England, and Glendronach distillery in Ireland. These two distilleries are the primary competitors of London's Southside distillery, as well as several others. Some distilleries have also opened in America and other parts of the world. They can be found in such places as Texas and Oregon. In the United States, distilleries like this in San Diego are sometimes referred to as California distilleries.



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