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Stainless Mixing Tank

stainless steel mixing tank with two mixers(CE certificate)
1.frame mixer and emulsor
2.efficient mixing

Packaging Details:

1. LCL (less container loading), covered with pearl wool, in wooden boxes.

2. The entire container, covered with pearl wool, is laid and fixed on an iron frame in the container.



stainless steel mixing tank with two mixers(CE certificate) 

1.frame mixer and emulsor 

2.efficient mixing

stainless steel mixing tank with two mixers(CE certificate) 


The S/S mixing tank is widely applied in beverage, food, dairy, pharmaceutical, chemical and process industries .Our mixing tank can make according to customer's requirement for the structure, single-layer ,double-layer(jacket) and three-layer(insulation layer) or make limpet coil (inside or external ) to heat and cold.   

Application field: 

   1. Used for material mixing tank(heating),disinfection tank, aging tank, fermentation tank, agitation tank, etc.

   2. Suitable for such fields as dairy, juice beverage, medicine chemical or bio-engineering project, etc.


  1. Mainly consisting of canister body, honeycomb jacket and outer wrap layer, between the outer wrap layer and jacket is adiabatic material, with lateral agitator.

  2. Material is high quality stainless steel.

Standard Filling

  1. Quick open type manhole

  2 . Numeral indication type temperature meter

  3. T type cleaning head

  4. Hauling lever type releasing valve

  5. Adjustable cone branch feet

  6. Agitator

Technical Parameter 


Working Volume
Total Height 
Diameter of Inlet 
& Outlet (mm)
PU Insulation 
Motor Power
Mixing Speed
500 900 x 800 2200 Φ38 50 0.75 ABB/ Siemens 
35 -150 Rpm
800 1000 x1000 2400 Φ38 50 0.75
1000 1100 x 1200 2900 Φ38 50 1.1
2000 1300 x 1500 3100 Φ38 50 1.5
3000 1550x 1500 3300 Φ51 50 1.5
4000 1600 x 2000 3800 Φ51 50 2.2
5000 1700 x 2200 4150 Φ51 50 2.2
6000 1700 x 2600 4500 Φ51 50 3
1. It can be made according to special requirements of customers.  Total Height is in accordance with outlet height of 300mm. If outlet height is changed,  Then the total height shall also be changed!
2. The Power of Motor shall be changed according to the Viscosity of material In the tank! 





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