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Selecting the Right Distillation Equipment for Your Home Business

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Selecting the Right Distillation Equipment for Your Home Business

When it comes to various distillation equipment, there are two major categories - those that use steam and those that use dry heat. Both have their pros and cons, so it depends entirely on your needs which category you will choose. Steam distillation equipment has been in use since the 17th century, long before the bottled variety. The principle behind this type of distillation equipment remains the same, using hot water, vaporized steam under pressure, to remove various dissolved substances. The only difference with this kind of equipment is the source of power. Distillation equipment used in the dry method of distillation uses dry heat to drive steam through various units in the process.

In terms of vapor pressure, the amount of vapor that escapes during boiling will affect the boiling point of the liquid mix. This is because vapor pressure is proportional to the square of the temperature difference between boiling point and atmospheric pressure. Taking this into consideration, you can calculate the boiling point of a particular material by multiplying the vapor pressure with the atmospheric pressure. Factors for selecting suitable distillation equipment for your needs include the boiling points of your ingredients, heat tolerance of the end product, pressure needs during distillation, and the scale of distribution. Some distillation equipment can also perform multiple tasks, including de-mineralizing, flavoring or lacing, or depending on your needs. Other important factors in choosing the right equipment include steam temperature and vapor pressure, steam boiling point and equilibrium, as well as your expected end product.

There are two types of distillation equipment that use heat to drive steam through liquid mix. One is known as the hot water distiller, which heats the incoming water and drives the steam through the mix at very high temperatures. The other type is called the cold water impiller, which uses cold water to force evaporation of the alcohol in the mixture. Cold water impregnated mixtures do not undergo any changes during the distillation process, whereas hot water infusion mixtures can change dramatically due to evaporation.

If you are planning to start a distilling business, one of the most important things you should consider is getting the ideal machine for the job. For example, stainless steel is preferred over other materials in most cases because it's non-corrosive and it's durable enough to stand up to repeated use. The mixing apparatus should ideally be portable and easily maintained. It should also have high efficiency parts so that it can produce high quality distilled beverages in large quantities. Other important considerations when purchasing distillation equipment include vapor compression models and multi-feed chiller models, which are designed specifically to chill more than just one vessel at a time.

A vapor compression model is basically a large sized tank that has a high-pressure valve at its lower end. It causes the vapor and surrounding air to enter through the valve. When the boiling point of the liquid mixture reaches the maximum allowed value, the pressure in the atmosphere drops and the mixture begins to boil. Once the boiling point is achieved, the valve automatically re-opens to prevent a build-up of vapor pressure.

Multi-feed chiller units are designed to chill more than just one vessel at a time. Because of this, they may be used to distill wine, but their cooling unit is not as large as a vapor compression unit, and so only a small amount of liquid may be vaporized in each cycle. These units are very popular among those who are experimenting with distillation and cooling of liquids on their own.



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