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Moonshine Distiller

Packaging Details:
1- When delivered by LCL (less container loading), the tank will be covered with pearl wool and then packed in a wooden box!
2- When the entire container is loaded, the tank will be covered with pearl cotton, laid and fixed on an iron frame, and finally the entire tank will be fixed inside








A distiller is a person who produces alcoholic beverages. The process of distilling involves heating up fermented grain mash or other ingredients, resulting in a distilled beverage. Moonshine is a distilled beverage that is distilled from a fermented mash that has been stored at high temperatures. People who distill a specific type of beverage often refer to themselves as a "distiller". Distillers do not call themselves distillers, however, because they are not the actual process of making the beverage. Distillers are people who either buy their own mash, make their own mash and store it to be used in the future, or a mixture of these people.

There are many ways a distiller can start their business. They can start small and produce their own mash to sell. The process is simple and requires a very little investment. They may not be able to get the same quality of product that they could get if they had a better recipe, however, when using their own mash, they will get a higher quality product for their money. Another way a distiller could start is by being a wholesale distributor of a distilled beverage. The level of expertise needed to be a wholesale distributor varies based on each different type of liquor.

An important thing a new distiller should remember is the legal aspects. When buying raw materials to start their business, many states require you to be registered with them before you can legally start producing the products. In addition, many states will charge you taxes on the sale of the product. Be sure to find out what your state requires before buying any materials for your business. Always remember that the equipment you use to start your business can be expensive, so it is best to make sure you are doing everything you can before you purchase anything.

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