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How to Distribute Alcohol Using an Alcohol Still

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How to Distribute Alcohol Using an Alcohol Still

How do you know if your alcohol still is in working order? One of the biggest indicators of working order is if the temperature is still at 100 degrees Fahrenheit or not. Other than that, the other important signs to look out for are if the glassware has a frosted appearance or not. If the temperature of the alcohol still is below the set temperature, it is best to toss the alcohol still. An alcohol still must be properly prepared for distillation if it is to be used properly. Otherwise the still can not be utilized correctly to distilled alcohol.

Distilling alcohol is a very expensive affair and using stainless steel utensils will make distilling much cheaper. An alcohol still needs some silverware to conduct distillation and some utensils are the most important of them all. The metal spoons that are used in distilling alcohol are called stills. To use the spoon properly, it should be of the same size as the bowl used to hold the sugar. Without the right spoon the tails and heads of the alcohol still cannot be separated safely without the help of a thermometer.

Another stainless steel utensil commonly used in an alcohol still is the double-wall pot still. The pot stills are one of the most common kinds of utensils used in the home distilling business today. A pot still will be an important part of any home still since they can distill an entire batch of spirits at once. A double walled pot still is especially useful for very large batches of alcohol and it can be used for mixing as well as for filtering. They are available in a variety of designs and styles.

Copper still is another tool that is very important for the home distilling business and most people who are looking into starting a business will need one. Copper still can be used to make distilled water or you can also purchase a water-mold to use instead of the traditional steam thermometers. The copper still can also be used to make dyes and liqueurs like agave nectar for your cocktails and coffee drinks.

Distilling mixtures can be made with three types of alcohol stills; the whiskey still, the rose still and the selvin still. Whisky stills are made using distilled alcohol and they come in three different sizes; the small capacity selvin still, the medium size selvin still and the large size selvin still. The most effective way to create a good whiskey still mixture is to use the three sizes of stills. After distilling, the leftovers are generally put in a stainless steel pot or a stainless steel tank to ferment and age.

An average sized home distillation unit can have up to five gallons of storage space. The copper pot, which is the smallest unit, can hold four gallons of alcohol. For the large units, this changes to six gallons. Some people will purchase their own small scale, copper still in order to create smaller home units or they may choose to rent a small scale for their entire home distillation needs. When choosing a copper still, make sure that you are getting a unit that is sturdy and durable enough to withstand the distillation process.



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