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How Is Wh whisky Production Done?

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How Is Wh whisky Production Done?

The Scotch still has a unique still shape so all the alcohol vapor makes direct contact with the metal copper. This forms the purest distilled beverage possible. This still is manufactured by the world's top artisans and of the finest quality. The still used can be utilized on almost any electrical heating source; from electric induction to electric hob.

The maturation of this spirit is in the form of an old-fashioned still house which is still known as "drip-still". It is not an electric conversion as some believe it to be, but it does create a vapour comprising of the carbon dioxide in the spirit. The top of the pot or container is usually covered with glass to allow light to pass through and the bottom with pottery for preventing evaporation. Thus the maturation time is determined by the duration of exposure to light, wind, or rain and the humidity in the air.

The maturation of this spirit is complete when a young child in an iron pot is placed inside and covered on all sides. This child is left in the pot for several hours in a dark room, where no light is let in. After the time is up, the pot is removed and the lid replaced on the metal vessel. The maturation continues until the end of the age of the child who left the pot in the dark.

Scotland, Ireland, and even Australia make use of maturation methods different from the rest of the world. Scotland's great distilleries such as Glenlivet and McEwan show a distinctly different finish that is not found in other Distillers. The maturation method of Glenlivet Distillery is in a traditional still very similar to that of the American Whisky Distillers. It involves wood, sand, limestone, and peat often in clay pots

The maturation of spirit in Scotland also uses mashes. The ashes used in the whisky production process are known as wash basins. They are circular in shape and made of clay. The spirit is put inside and rinsed several times before being allowed to cool slowly in the wash basin.

Blending is another important process that distinguishes many of today's whiskies from those that were made centuries ago in Scotland. Many distillers will combine different kinds of grain to produce a more full-bodied whiskey. Barley stills, oats, corn, smoke, wheat, rye, barley, and sometimes oats, are among the ingredients that blend together to create a unique whisky still.



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