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Home Distiller

Packaging Details:
1. LCL (less container loading), covered with pearl wool, in wooden boxes.
2. The entire container, covered with pearl wool, is laid and fixed on an iron frame in the container.








Distillation is a technique that is used to extract liquid from certain substances. The process used is extremely complicated and requires specialized equipment. In a distilling process, steam is created in a vessel known as the distiller. The steam passes through a porous liner or flask where it vaporizes which results in a mixture of water and alcohol.

A home distiller is a simple to make a device that uses the principle of heat transfer. The process can be done using any type of solvent such as ethanol. However, the efficiency of the distillation process can vary depending on the purity of the solvent being used. Ethanol is a particularly effective solvent for the distillation process due to its large surface area and the presence of very little volume. An example of an ethanol-based home distiller is known as the alcohol burner. It heats up the alcohol and releases it into the air and creates a vapor which then vaporizes and transforms into alcohol.

There are many different models available, some are made for professional use while others are suited for the home. The most expensive model of the home distiller is known as the home distiller furnace. It uses a unit that is capable of heating up to about 1000 degrees Celsius. The most affordable model is the home distiller stove top model which is capable of heating up to 150 degrees Celsius. These units are portable and run on batteries. The amount of distilled liquid that can be produced depends on the scale of the distiller and the actual size of the flask. The best manufacturers offer several options to choose from and offer a free warranty.

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