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Gin Still - Basic Beginner's Guide

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Gin Still - Basic Beginner's Guide

The gin still is perfect for steeping mixtures of gin, vermouth, tonic, gin, brandy, gin, tonic, spirit, and other liquids for dilution. Distilled liquor can be made more pure by distilling the gin. Gin stills are generally available at most liquor stores and are easy to use and maintain. They are ideal for distilling gin as a method of home alcohol making but may also be used for mixing gin with other liquids.

The gin still is best for steeping mixtures of gin, vermouth, tonic, gin, or any distilled spirits through the copper pot still, or a blend of both methods. The stainless steel structure makes it easy to clean, even between consecutive distills. The pot still comes in two different sizes, forty gallon (150 liter) and sixty gallon (200 liter) models with either steam gas, or electric heating options. There are also models that come with one, two, and three compartments for easy storage.

When you purchase your gin still, you will find that the design is quite unique because there are no boiling vats or need for mashing. Instead, there is a single column, which is approximately six inches in height with a narrow top surface. This distillation unit boils only the essential oils and produces a clear liquid. There are many designs for this type of unit including those that have four, six, eight, and even twelve compartments. Some models have spigots that are designed to allow the boiling of essential oils to continue while the other liquid is poured into the receptacle below.

There are many benefits to using these types of distillation units including the ability to create a full vessel of liquor. For people who enjoy the simplicity of these units but don't desire the boiling vats, a pot still might be the best option. There are even models on the market that include a separate outlet tube. Using a separate outlet tube allows the user to avoid any boiling vat issues, such as the stem spilling over the top of the pot still or the steam becoming too much for the outlet tube to carry.

If you are interested in creating a larger sized distilling unit, such as one that will fit in a bar, then the gin basket and downpipe combination are the right choice. With a gin basket you can distill forty gallons of liquid at one time. You can also use a gin up pipe to move the gin from the pot on top of the boiler to the back of the basket. The downpipe takes the steam and directs it down the aisle where you can add your selected botanicals for an authentic distilled taste.

For the most convenient methods, all you have to do is place the distilled liquor into the stainless copper container and place the stainless copper lid on top. For an attractive presentation, place your selected botanicals and your choice of desired herbal garnish in one end of the lid and your choice of herbs in the other end of the lid. The entire process only requires two hands!



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