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Distillation Equipment Financing Options

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Distillation Equipment Financing Options

Many people do not realize that there are several different kinds of distillation equipment. When you think about it, distillation equipment is quite necessary for distilling whiskey and vodka. It's very important to make sure that the equipment you buy can handle what you're distilling. This means that you should always know what kind of equipment you need for distilling what you plan on making. The distillery equipment financing that you get will depend on your distilling equipment, so you need to do your research carefully before making any final decisions.

The hot liquor tank is the main piece of distillery equipment that you need for distilling. The way that this piece of equipment works is by storing a small amount of alcohol in a container, which is called a tun, while it sits inside a tank. The turn is connected to the cold storage area, which is usually housed inside a stainless steel enclosure.

The stainless steel tank is usually the most expensive piece of distilling equipment, but it's also the most important because it's where the product is stored and the liquid that's being distilled. The problem with storing the product in stainless steel tanks is that they tend to rust over time, which can end up negatively affecting the entire distilling industry. There are two solutions to this problem. The first is distilling using stainless steel tanks that have been approved by the state, and the second is using a product called black steel, which has significantly better results and is more affordable than stainless steel.

Another important piece of distilling equipment is the stainless steel fermenter. fermenters are used in much smaller quantities than tanks or guns, but they are very important to the distilling industry because they ensure that all of the ingredients used in the distilling process are properly combined. Because of this, professional distillers and home businesses alike are always looking for ways to save money on these products, especially since they can be purchased relatively inexpensively. If your business is particularly small, you may find that using one of these fermenters instead of a tank or tun means that you'll be able to get the job done more efficiently.

Another piece of distillery equipment that's quite common but not as useful as you might think is the mash tun. The mash tun is the part of the distiller that actually converts the grain to alcohol, and while this is very important to the distillation process, the mash tun is also bulky and large. Smaller, less bulky models have a number of advantages over these larger models, most of which are related to safety. Since these units aren't as wide or deep as the fermenters, there isn't a great deal of room to move the unit around, and small hands can easily damage these pieces. On the other hand, small fermenters are usually made of very durable materials, meaning that they can handle the conversion process without becoming damaged.

Another piece of distilling equipment that can be expensive to purchase outright is the grain handler - this equipment helps distill the grains into alcohol. These pieces of equipment can range in size from a fairly small single stage to a large multi-stage unit, and they can cost several thousand dollars or more. For many distillers, it isn't essential that these pieces of equipment are large, expensive pieces, but if you're only working with a small amount of grains at a time or if you want to reduce the amount of clean up that you have to do when you're done using the distilling equipment, then this equipment can be an essential part of your operation. Many smaller stills use smaller grain handlers because they aren't as large, and the smaller models will often operate quietly enough so that they won't disturb anyone who walks by. This type of distilling equipment financing may not be ideal for everyone, but it can make a difference in the distilling operations that you have.



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