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Copper Stills - A Great Tool For A Stain Removal Process

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Copper stills are great for helping to remove a stain from kitchen flooring or other solid surfaces. A simple copper still helps to melt away a stain and leave it looking brighter and more natural.

To help you learn more about what makes great copper stills, I have included some information that may be helpful. I hope this article is informative and you will take the time to check out our store. A lot of information can be found there that is useful.

Before we talk about copper stills, let us first understand what a staining agent is. Stains are the oxidizing agents that occurs in the presence of moisture and high levels of oxygen. These oxidizing agents will cause the color to fade from solid surfaces.

Soap, grease, and food stains are all examples of high moisture, high oxygen areas. Stains can also occur when surfaces sit in water for an extended period of time. If a person has spilled something, or they have had a spillage or spill, chances are they have created a spot on their hands, arms, or legs. This is where a copper still comes in handy.

The white water spots that you see on your hands or arms are called "cold spot" which are caused by high amounts of body oils and moisture. Our hands and feet are constantly covered with oils, sweat, and debris. The cold spots will form if the oils become too saturated in order to soak into the soles of our feet or our skin.

Copper stills are simply used to remove a stain from a surface. The method is very simple and not complicated at all. Basically, you will pour in some soapy water (only use a potable and distilled one) and let it sit for a few minutes. After a few minutes you will notice that the soapy water has turned black or dark brown.

Now, you can then look at the area and see if there is any visible stain on the surface. If you do, then pour a little bit of water onto the area to be stained. Do this several times until you have removed the stain completely. After you have removed the stain, you should take note of where the stain was first.

The copper is used as a cleaner and cleans up to the spot on the surface. Once you have the area clear, you can apply a light coat of white paint and then use the copper still to protect the paint.


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