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Brewery Cip System

1-clean at the site of material pipe of the industries
2-make cleaning without taking apart pipes
3-lessen intensity of labo

Packaging Details:

1. LCL (less container loading), covered with pearl wool, in wooden boxes.

2. The entire container, covered with pearl wool, is laid and fixed on an iron frame in the container.



1-clean at the site of material pipe of the industries 

2-make cleaning without taking apart pipes 

3-lessen intensity of labo

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CIP system functions on all product contact surfaces for automaticcleaning, cleaning objects, including the tank wall, pipe wall, liquid cylinders and other fluid channel wall.

CIP systems are usually the cleaning liquid storage tank, acid-base add the devices, heaters, process pumps and return pumps, and piping, steam valve and other components.

CIP system is a key process parameters for the cleaning fluid type, concentration, temperature and flow rate. Lye usually NaOH, nitric acid or phosphoric acid used, the concentration of 1-3%, adequate heating, cleaning flow rate in the 1.5-3m / s between. 

Cleaning fluid tank usually has three: acid tank, lye cans, hot water tank. By cleaning the object is different, can be divided into single-loop, double loop, multi-loop and so on. 

Automatic CIP system, the measurement of concentrated acid added concentrated alkali, cleaning solution temperature is automatically controlled cleaning process is performed after setting the brake.




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