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Alcohol - A Bit of History

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Alcohol - A Bit of History

"Alcohol still tastes good, says a friend, but I can't remember the last time I had a drink." It's an unexpected quote from writer David Lebovitz, and it speaks to the complexity and often conflicting emotions involved with drinking. Though alcohol may indeed still taste sweet to many, for many people drinking and socializing with alcohol has become more of a burden than anything else. This is particularly true of young adults who have yet to discover or experience the myriad pleasures alcohol offers. The column presents ways that you can loosen up and avoid the common pitfalls that often lead alcoholics down the path to destruction.

When drinking, whether socially or alone, always keep your glass full. If you have a drink prior to going to bed, either throw away the container quickly or refill it with some distilled water and alcohol. Distilled water is the best solution to a flat stomach. There are other methods to stave of morning sickness or the munchies, including herbal remedies such as Feverfew and Valerian, but distilled water provides the quickest relief, especially for those prone to vomiting.

If you prefer cocktails, consider mixing up your favorite brands with alcohol. Some brands of alcohol and distilled water are interchangeable but check labels carefully. Blending alcohol and distilled water is sometimes referred to as "distilling," which may explain why it's popular in cocktails. The difference between distilling and diluting is that dilution causes alcohol to lose its flavor, while distillation actually adds flavor (and sometimes bodies). Ask at your favorite watering hole for advice on your best brand and type to mix up your favorite concoctions.

Ask your bartender for advice on which brand of distilled waters and pot stills work for your recipe. If you're unsure which type to get, ask your local distiller for his recommendations. The common denominator among distillers is the fact that they all use steam under pressure to extract the alcohol from the mash. The resulting alcohol is cleaner and is sometimes used in recipes that call for a lower alcohol amount. You can use a standard pot still for rinsing or washing, but column stills are preferred because they produce a more sophisticated taste.

You may be wondering how distilling differs from steaming. In distilling, alcohol and water are boiled together in an enclosed container. In steaming, alcohol is left to sit on the surface of the water as it cools, creating a clear liquid that's sometimes referred to as beer. The boiling and cooling process creates steam, which in turn carries minerals, which are what makes beer distinctly alcoholic.

Distilled water and column stills can come in many shapes and sizes. If you've ever seen a column still, you'll know that it looks more like a tall vase than anything else. Some column stills are made to fit in the shape of a traditional still bar, while others are designed to resemble a still barrel. Most pot stills look more like a still than a pot, but the difference between the two types isn't really obvious unless you hold them up against each other. Hold the pot still in your hand and then hold the column still against the side of the pot. The similarity between the two forms of making alcohol is only the primary difference.



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