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How Does Copper Dehydrogenator Work?

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How Does Copper Dehydrogenator Work?

The Copper Distiller No3, also called the copper still or copper alembic, is a small, handcrafted, copper-based still. It is intended for distillation, not fermenting. And it's probably best used for simple ales and lagers, rather than heavier, fuller-bodied beers. The copper still is the smallest still produced from copper that can be directly used in brewing. Other small stills, like the stills that come in a kit, are intended only for partial distillation while larger stills require distillation to be done with other equipment.

One of the reasons why copper stills are smaller is because the copper is actually a semiconductor. The copper atoms, which are negatively charged, have a different valence electrons than the positively charged ones. As these electrons move up, they bump into neighboring atoms, knock them out of alignment and then recombine with the neighboring atoms again. This causes a separation of the compound ions with the carrier molecules, which then have a different valence electron and become part of the compound or ring.

In this case, the separation is caused by the presence of oxygen. The copper atoms are excited by the presence of oxygen, which causes their outer shell to break down. As the copper atoms move down, they bump into the aluminum and silicon atoms, making some of the compounds within the ring unstable. Because of this, they all float away into the fermenting beer or juice.

The separation of the compound molecules is caused by two things: the copper atoms and the oxygen. When you put the 10 gallon copper system into your fermenter, what you have is the copper along with the oxygen and the corona virus impacts the separation of the compounds. The copper will knock off some of the smaller compounds while the oxygen knocks off some of the bigger compounds, making the 50 gallon tig welded copper system somewhat unstable, but much more effective.

Now, to get this distillation process to work, you need to do three things: buy the copper coil that is needed for your unit, make sure your fermentation vessel is clean and clear and place your copper distiller in the fermenter. Once you do these three things, you can get your separation done. What you want to do is use the CO2 tank to provide air to the coil, which is located just under your fermenter. What this does is pull out all of the CO2 from the air and replace it with the oxygen molecules. When the CO2 and the oxygen mixture hit each other, they create the electric current necessary for your copper distiller to work.

The good news is that if you are looking at copper distillers, you can find a variety of different models, including ones made from stainless steel. The choice is up to you and what you would prefer. Some people like to think a copper distiller is dirty and smelly, but really, these units are actually quite clean. All you really need to do is make sure that it is properly set up and you should be good to go in no time.



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