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  • Stainless Mixing Tank
    stainless steel mixing tank with two mixers(CE certificate)
    1.frame mixer and emulsor
    2.efficient mixing
  • Brewery Control System
    Brewing equipment can be divided into two basic groups; brewery control systems and cooling equipment.
    For some brewing processes, you need a cooling system, and for others
  • Vodka Distillery
    Distillation is a technique that is used to extract liquid from certain substances. The process used is extremely complicated and requires specialized equipment. In a distilling process, steam is created in a vessel known as the distiller. The steam passes through a porous liner or flask where it vaporizes which results in a mixture of water and alcohol.
  • Fermenting Equipment
    1. Capacity: 1 BBL to 300 BBL, or customized
    2. Warranty: 12 months
    3. Processing: Fermenting
    4. Thickness: 3mm
    5. Voltage: 220V/380V(Or to be customized)
    6. Volume design: Properly according to the capacity requests
    7. 60 degree cone bottom, with an average of 25% head space
  • Alcohol still
    If you are new to brewing beer then you may be wondering how to choose the right beer fermenter for your first batch. There are many different choices out there, from single person fermenters, commercial fermenters, and even one gallon fermenters.
  • Distiller Alcohol
    The distiller is an electronic device that uses heat and energy to convert a liquid into a solid. They are usually used to make alcoholic beverages such as whiskey, gin, vodka, whiskey, rum, and gin.
More introduction

What is A Distiller

The Distiller is a secondary manufacturing process that uses a unique process to transform dry grains into a liquid by using distillation. This process was first used to make liquor in England, and over the course of time it has been used to make other liquors. Today, it is most commonly used to make vodka, rum, whiskey, brandy, gin, and other types of liquors. Distillation is done by heating a mixture of liquids down to about 100 degrees Celsius. Once the mixture reaches this temperature, the molecules of the liquid are all at the same place, which makes them easier to combine together. Once the temperature of the mixture reaches 100 degrees Celsius, the mixing of the liquid has ceased and all the molecules are left in a somewhat "soapy" state.
There are several different types of distillers that exist. There are machines that are designed to heat and then cool a certain material and condense the vapors into a liquid form. These machines are used to make distilled water, ethanol, and even medical equipment. The condenser type of machine is usually built for thermal purposes and not for use in distilling.
Distillers are sometimes used to extract natural gas from the earths crust. The best example of this would be geothermal energy, which is taken from the natural heat that the earths crust radiates. Geothermal energy has been in existence for many years, but it is only recently that people have begun to harness the power of the heat that the earths crust radiates. This process is called hydrothermal engineering, and it is still a very new field of science.

A Distiller is also called as: distiller alcohol,mini distiller,portable distiller,fractional distiller,vacuum distiller

Technical Parameters

  Spirit type Capacity Components
  Whisky distiller 50-5000L Still pot, swan neck, condenser, CIP, pipe system
  Vodka distiller 50-5000L Still pot, onion head, column, dephlegmator, condenser, CIP, pipe system
  Bradny distiller 50-5000L Still pot, onion head, column, dephlegmator, condenser, CIP, pipe system
  Rum distiller 50-5000L Still pot, column, condenser, CIP, pipe system
  Gin distiller 50-5000L Still pot, column, gin basket, condenser, CIP, pipe system
  Multi-spirits distiller 50-5000L Still pot, onion head, column, gin basket, dephlegmator, condenser, CIP, pipe system
Product Name Multipurpose distillery equipments
Material stainless steel + copper
Brand ZJ
Usage Wine Making

Standard Features:

All parts can be customized
1. red copper, stainless steel 304/ 316
2. Pot still, top, copper head, column,dephlegmator, condenser, parrot outlet, alcohol collecting tank, CIP, connecting pipes. 
3. Sight glasses, Temp sensor, analog temp gauge
4. Electric heating (with heating elements)/steam heating/ gas heating
5. CE, ISO, TUV Certificate
6. One year warranty
7. Semi-automatic control panel
(The first batch you got can reach 65 degrees, and the maximum is 90 degrees.
One batch duration is 3 hours, and the total distillation time depends on your expected alcohol purity.Take Whiskey for example)

Systematic Modular Design

The basis of the high flexibility is a modular system with
freely combinable components. This allows optimal costefficient individualized adjustments, using tried and tested
Optimized Second Distillation Columns
for Highly Aromatic Distillates
Integrated, proven system with individually engageable,
specially coordinated fine distillate bottoms with maximized
copper contact surface. This continuously further developed
design ensures that the desired flavors unfold and are separated from unwanted components.
High-performance Rectification Columns
Our high-performance columns for effective rectification
and cleaning of the distillate easily realize alcohol concentrations of up to 96 % vol. — at any desired purity level.
Copper Catalyzer
Our proprietary and patented lamella design significantly
contributes to improving the distillate. The innovative catalyzer technology guarantees a reduction of unwanted acid
content as well as cyanide and ethyl carbamate levels.
Copper Tube Dephlegmator
The copper tube bundle makes it possible to install a maximum heat exchange area in the smallest space. The numerous, thin cooling pipes form an extremely large and effective cooling surface. As a result, the dephlegmator is especially efficient and water-saving. The cooling area and thus
the cooling effect are infinitely adjustable with a user-friendly control system; this special design lets the dephlegmator
respond instantly to changes.

Water-saving and highly efficient! The pipe bundle design
ensures the maximum possible heat exchange surface. By
deploying dual and triple circuit heat exchangers, we
implement optimal heat recovery concepts and facilitate
cost-efficient production under a wide range of conditions.

CIP Cleaning System
Effective cleaning of the entire distillation unit by means of
integrated high-pressure rinsing system. Rotating all access
nozzles enable rinsing of all components, which can be
cleaned with either hot water or cleaning agents. Clean
copper surfaces guarantee the highest distillate quality.
Using the cleaning system is as simple as can be.

Alcohol Management
Integrated alcohol reservoirs for all fractions. Manually or
automatically selectable. The reservoirs are equipped with
pump control systems and level switches. The digital concentration and volume data recording for the various
fractions facilitates effective company-internal production planning.

Steam or water bath. Our high-performance units are
equipped with devices for quick and even raw material heating. The heating control can be realized either manually or
automated via pressure/temperature control systems.
Condensate or waste gas heat recovery solutions are implemented as required and tailored to the individual units. 

· Control board

stainless steel box with protection IP 55, in which the following electric components are assembled and wired:
¨ blockage switch,
¨ geared motor control,
¨ control of condensation water recycle pump,
¨ control of head cut valve
¨ control of tail cut valve 
¨ control of alembic steam valve 
¨ control of reflux water valve
¨ control of cooler water valve
¨ warning lights,
¨ set of digital thermoregulators for displaying and regulating the following temperatures:
* alembic alcoholic steams temperature
* bain-marie temperature
* boiler temperature
* pre-reflux temperature
* post-reflux temperature
* distillate temperature at condenser outlet
* distillate temperature at coolant outlet
* water temperature in reflux condenser.

Manufacturer Guide

Zhengjiu Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is a comprehensive and professional manufacturer specializing in designing , developing, manufacturing, selling, installation and the after-sales service of brewing equipment, distillery equipment, food and beverage processing tanks and much more!
Distillery equipment inculding our pot and reflux column which can be widely used for home distilling and lab testing. Our complex distilling system can be used for both brewer and winery factories as well as used with any kind of alcoholic spirit.


Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?
A: We are factory and we have our own trading department.

Q: How long is your delivery time?
A: 35-50 days after payment.

Q: What is your terms of payment ?
A: 30% T/T in advance ,balance before shipment/or via Alibaba platform.

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