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Copper Still and Copper Strainers

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Copper Still and Copper Strainers

Copper stills come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. You can choose from stainless stills, copper stills, plated stills, art brass stills, glass stills, crystal stills, tumbler stills and other stills. Copper is one material which is used very frequently in the manufacture of pottery, vessels, furniture, musical instruments and other products. Some other widely used materials for the manufacturing of pottery include porcelain, earthenware, glazed stoneware, stainless steel, porcelain veneers, copperplate and copper stick clay.

There are some factors to be considered while buying copper stills. Copper can be used for any purpose; be it for pottery or other products. If you buy copper packaging, it should have the approval of the United States Food and Drug Administration. The FDA sets the quality standards for food packaging and containers. Before buying the copper packaging make sure that the packing material meets the minimum quality standards and that it does not contain lead, mercury, pesticides or other harmful chemicals.

Another factor to consider is the efficiency of the product. Copper is highly efficient, but the efficiency of the product depends on the temperature at which it is used. You may find some copper stills which do not meet the required temperatures. The temperature is measured in degrees Fahrenheit. Copper packaging which is below the required temperatures may cause the electric heating element to work at low output power, thereby damaging your electric heating element.

A very important consideration is to consider the design of the copper still. Usually the copper stills are pre-built; they come with the copper pack and other packing materials. When the copper is not purchased directly from the manufacturer, it is necessary to purchase the packing material separately. You can select the packing material either from a standard stock or you can order customised packing materials for your needs. Customised packing material costs more but it is also a convenient option.


The most common copper packaging is stainless steel. These types of packaging material do not contain lead, zinc or tin, thus preventing the possibility of leaching of these metals into the electrical current. These stainless steel packages are also available in different thicknesses. High heat is not required to condense the wax, thus maintaining high quality performance throughout the distillation process.

Distilling using copper capsules is an alternative to gasoline or diesel, petroleum diesel, methanol, or any other source of fuel alcohol. In a simple distillation process, the essential oils are distilled from the aromatic hydrocarbons present in the raw material. There are two types of copper capsules available in the market. One type contains a small amount of tannin, while the other type does not contain any tannin. This is important because the tannin content in essential oils can cause a chemical reaction that causes them to develop into toxic gases during distillation. Another difference between the two is that the tannin-free copper capsule does not convert to flammable substances during distillation.


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