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10 Gallon Fermenter

Packaging Details:
1. LCL (less container loading), covered with pearl wool, in wooden boxes.
2. The entire container, covered with pearl wool, is laid and fixed on an iron frame in the container.





Fermenters are more than just fermenting tanks and storage facilities, they are often art works in their own right. The long-term transformation of water into alcohol and sugar is an art that takes years to master. A well-designed fermenter will show off the finished product. A single misstep can create a disconcerting appearance that causes people to look elsewhere for their own alcohol making needs. That is why it is important to choose a fermenter that will work with you personally, and work for you.

The most common choice for most home brewers is the large fermenters that will hold about ten gallons. These will usually have a capacity of eight or ten gallons. This type of fermenter can be just what you need to be up and running with your own small batch. It has the capacity for use as the fermenter for your home brew and it is easy to clean when you are done fermenting. There are a lot of different types on the market but the large ones are usually easy to find, and they will make for a great addition to your home brewing area.

On the other hand, there are also smaller portable fermenters. These are great for the craftsman or for the more specialized craft beer maker. These styles are the basic twelve or fourteen gallon sizes. These are perfect for the beginner brewer who wants to get the hang of fermenting without having to go through the extra trouble of building their own large fermenter. If you need something small enough to fit under your counter or in your basement, then these are a good choice. They will not take up much room and you can get them on sale and get rid of the item that doesn't need to be used any longer. Just make sure that you pick a fermenter that is durable and that will hold up for a long time.

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