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Hangzhou Zhengjiu Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.has advanced mangement and continuously aspirant,strong R&D team to design and test products,also introducing advanced manufacturing machine,such as Automatic pokishing machine,Automatic welding machine,Portable automatic welding machine and Large drum machine,etc.

Our factory is a comprehensive and professional manufacturer,being integrating in designing,developing,manufacturing...


  • The Many Different Distillers of Distilled Alcohol


    The word "distillery" brings to mind thoughts of alcohol, or at least the distillation process. But not all distilleries are created equal. Some distilleries use the old fashion double-bottomed (or double distilled) style of glass still, and others use modern high-pressure stills called double-sided Read More

  • Using A Distiller Essential Oil


    A distiller essential oil is an oil that has been distilled. This means that it has gone through a process which has stripped away all of the original materials and the essential oil is left behind. You will find that distiller oils are used in a variety of different situations, but they are most co Read More

  • How Does Distilled Drinks End Up in a Moonshine Still?


    It's hard to say if moonshine still is the most popular form of alcohol in America. Maybe whiskey has a leg up on it because of it's high demand and wide appeal. It would be very easy to say that whiskey is the king of the whiskey line, but it's not. At the bottom end of the spectrum are stills. Sti Read More

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